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Update on the Larp Situation and About my Character for the event

I didn’t get to go to the LARP unfortunately, due to some issues with transportation (it was a 6 hour drive after all and I wasn’t driving). This time I’m going to the same event, but a 4 day event, which makes it more exciting and a bit terrifying. It’s on September 1st. Hopefully I will be able to write all about my experience and possibly film. Definitely take pictures.

I’m a little scared about having lots of different skirts, pants, a dress, corset, and one actual LARP acceptable shirt for this event. I’m still excited to go, I’ve got scraps of stuff, props and all that and hope I can make my character work.

Since I haven’t said a thing for a month if anyone is interested in my Character here’s a quick rundown (totally subject to change since I haven’t ever Larped and not 100% I can pull this off)

My character is a rogue in a mercenary group called Clan Wolf. My character is called Maria Sangre, and sangre is the spanish word for blood. I wanted a little Mexican flair in my name and I love Maria as a name even though people named Maria, like my mother, really hate it because it was like everyone’s name in Mexico when she was little including all her sisters haha.

Anyway so Maria Sangre is a bit coquettish, and likes to take things before teasing people with what she’s stolen. So like a coin purse, then like dangle it in front of the person. (So not really malevolent with stealing) Originally her character was going to be like a viking but due to skill changes I’ve had to axe that.  Later if I larp in winter I wanted furs to be like a viking to go along with the axe, and a wooden shield (one day)!

My name is Wolfmaiden on a couple of things and it’s my nickname a bit, so one of my friends decided that was my characters nickname, Wolfmaiden (you can see where that viking thought came from haha).

Anyway she’s materialistic, she has bits and bobbles from everywhere like a fan she plays with, jewels including a silver wolf ring I’ll include in pictures and all that. She loves her things having come from a background where she had very little.

So, that’s mostly everything I have for her and the short update! Thanks for reading and sticking around as a follower for my blog, I know I’m inconsistent and I’m so sorry but I appreciate anyone who reads my posts. Thank you again. 🙂



Preparing for my first LARP and how long I’ve waited for this!

My boyfriend first introduced me to the concept of LARP not long after I started dating him.

He told me about all the things his characters did, game settings, the friends he made, and the narratives in game.

When I heard all this I knew right away that I wanted to LARP but that was two years ago, now I’m looking forward to my first LARP next week in Pennsylvania. I’ve been waiting so long and finally it’s gunna happen. 

I’ve been slowly accumulating garb for the past two years (although not nearly enough)! We’ve talked and talked about it I’ve looked up so much information and I feel at least somewhat prepared.

I’m going as a gypsy type and though most of my colored bits are red I hope I can pull it off. Loud and outgoing is just my personality so I’m sure I’ll make it work.

 I also hope to get some footage of the LARP and the trip there on my phone and a friends GoPro so I might be making a YouTube channel (we’ll see).
I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

We’re attending an event on July 21st to a Nero game. Specifically this one.

I hope this is the start of many adventures to come. I’m very much looking forward to this!


The start of My Life Fantasies

Hello reader, welcome to my blog! My name is Kimmi Wolf. If you’ve somehow stumbled onto this first post I’d like to say wow thanks for reading this.

This is the first of hopefully many posts on a new blog, a personal blog that I want to be about the things I love to do which is not limited to one thing. Though I’ve tried (and given up on) writing a blog just about writing novels online. It was too singular and too distant for me to only write about writing.

I’m a bit of a nerd. I like board games, video games (especially mmos), writing novels, making music (working on getting my first mix tape out), poems, making art, coming up with amazing ideas I can’t do myself (or could if I dedicated myself completely) and tons of other things like that.

I’m also particularly fascinated with different pre-gun time periods, mostly just fashion, architecture, culture, food, and I guess most of it really.

Relating to that slightly is the fact that I’ll be trying a new thing, LARP! Which stands for live action role play.

I hope to document my LARP journey, artistic, musical and other endeavors here for you guys to see and read about.

Thanks for checking me out!