Preparing for my first LARP and how long I’ve waited for this!

My boyfriend first introduced me to the concept of LARP not long after I started dating him.

He told me about all the things his characters did, game settings, the friends he made, and the narratives in game.

When I heard all this I knew right away that I wanted to LARP but that was two years ago, now I’m looking forward to my first LARP next week in Pennsylvania. I’ve been waiting so long and finally it’s gunna happen. 

I’ve been slowly accumulating garb for the past two years (although not nearly enough)! We’ve talked and talked about it I’ve looked up so much information and I feel at least somewhat prepared.

I’m going as a gypsy type and though most of my colored bits are red I hope I can pull it off. Loud and outgoing is just my personality so I’m sure I’ll make it work.

 I also hope to get some footage of the LARP and the trip there on my phone and a friends GoPro so I might be making a YouTube channel (we’ll see).
I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

We’re attending an event on July 21st to a Nero game. Specifically this one.

I hope this is the start of many adventures to come. I’m very much looking forward to this!


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