The start of My Life Fantasies

Hello reader, welcome to my blog! My name is Kimmi Wolf. If you’ve somehow stumbled onto this first post I’d like to say wow thanks for reading this.

This is the first of hopefully many posts on a new blog, a personal blog that I want to be about the things I love to do which is not limited to one thing. Though I’ve tried (and given up on) writing a blog just about writing novels online. It was too singular and too distant for me to only write about writing.

I’m a bit of a nerd. I like board games, video games (especially mmos), writing novels, making music (working on getting my first mix tape out), poems, making art, coming up with amazing ideas I can’t do myself (or could if I dedicated myself completely) and tons of other things like that.

I’m also particularly fascinated with different pre-gun time periods, mostly just fashion, architecture, culture, food, and I guess most of it really.

Relating to that slightly is the fact that I’ll be trying a new thing, LARP! Which stands for live action role play.

I hope to document my LARP journey, artistic, musical and other endeavors here for you guys to see and read about.

Thanks for checking me out!